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Month Content Specials Branded Content Opportunities
January How do I make sure I'm eating healthy? - How can I shed a few pounds while retaining the flavor?
- Which veggies/fruits are in season? Which parts of the country?
February How do I plan a Romantic Dinner? - How do I make simple meals look sophisticated?
- Styling Basics
- Chocolate Recipes Galore
- Heart-shaped Desserts
- Chinese New Year: Good Luck Food
March How do I make good use of Fruits and Vegetables? - How can I stay cool in the summer?
- What desserts can I make using ice?
- Food Biz Ideas
- Table Settings
April How do I get my kids interested in cooking? - What can I cook with the Kids?
- Baking Basics
- Kid Friendly Baked Goodies
- Baking Basics—basic techniques and tools
May How do I pack meals for an outing? - Pinoy Ihawan
- Tips for grilling seafood
- Which fruits can I make into cake?
- Easy prep Ice Desserts
- Packing a picnic basket
June How do I prevent baon/lunchbox fatigue? - What should a lunchbox contain?
- How can I make baon healthier?
- Smart baon packing tips
- Styling your kid's baon
- Power Lunchboxes
July How can I improve my cooking? - What hearty meals can I make during rainy days?
- What meals can I make ahead?
- Freezing 411
- Freezer friendly containers
August How can I prepare delicious meals on a tight budget? - How do I arrange my ref/freezer?
- What other things can I do with frozen food?
- Chick—5 Asian Ways
- Asian Desserts
- Asian Sauce
September How do I remove the stress from daily home cooking? - What are the different kinds of longganisa?
- What are the different kinds of soups?
October How do I make a homemade Halloween? - What easy treats can I prep for the kids?
- What treats can I make out of store-bought goodies?
- What desserts can I spike with alcohol?
- Easy mixed Drink Recipes
November How do I host parties at home? - Toaster desserts
- How can I make everyday meals extra special?
- What desserts can I make ahead?
- What kakanin can I make at home?
- 10-minute desserts
December How can I make Christmas special through food? - How do I remove save myself from holiday rush?
- What unique treat can I give as gifts?
- Stress-free tips for party planning
- Homemade gift ideas
- Noche Buena to go: Where to buy potluck food
- Not-your-usual potluck ideas


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