With daily, up-to-the-minute coverage of the latest in Manila life, entertainment, dining, politics, culture, and style, SPOT.ph is your go-to guide for where to go, what to do, see, eat, buy, and talk about.
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Eat & Drink

Know where to find good food that's worth your money, whether you're splurging on a weekend fine dining or just looking for cheap fast food thrills.


Who won what? Who broke up with whom? Who's starring where? Update yourself with the latest hush and buzz in Philippine entertainment.

Shopping & Services

Newly-opened stores for the shopaholics, massage services for the stressed and depressed, store sales for those itching to go shopping but are low on budget and many more.

People & Parties

Be in not only on who everyone's talking about but also as to what's hip and happening... or even where everyone's going to be at!

News & Features

The latest on politics, entertainment, and other hot topics are right at your fingertips. Get up to the minute information with just a click!

Things To Do

Month Content Specials Branded Content Opportunities
January - Fearless Forecast for the 2013 Elections
- Update of pet owners' black book
- Crazy celeb predictions
- Exercise trends; healthy eats
February Valentine's Day Specials:
- Gift Guide
- 10 Places to get flowers
- Restaurant promos
- Manila's Most Romantic Restaurants
- Soap Opera Sweethearts
- Job fair guide for soon-to-be graduates
- Election 2013—Cutest Candidates
March Graduation specials:
- Gift guide
- Where to celebrate
- Awards for election campaign ads
- Things to do in Manila over the summer
- Manila in 3 hours; 6 hours for foodies, art lovers, theater buffs, etc. (with package)
April Holy Week specials:
- What's open?
- Easter events/promos
- Top 10 little-known saints
- Summer coolers
- Weekend escapes series
- 10 Swimming pools around the city
May Mother's Day Specials:
- Gift guide (shopping)
- 10 Places to get flowers
- Where to take Mom
- Election 2013: Election Day Survival Guide
- 10 Staple Pinoy Fiesta Foods
- 10 Mango-infused dishes
- Yummy Eats coverage
June Father's Day specials:
- Gift guide
- Where to take Dad

Back to School specials:
- Cool School Supplies, Where to buy
- Favorite TV/Movie Students
July Rainy-day specials:
- Rainy day eats
- Preview Best Dressed
- Best Soap Operas of all time
- FHM 100 Sexiest
August - Cutest Newsmen All Stars
- QC Day special: QC-centric neighborhood guides
- Weekend escapes
- Rainy-day picks
September - 10 Candy places
- UAAP Cheerdance Competition top 10
- Tales from the Taxi—Cab driver wisdom
- Cosmo Bachelor Bash
- Martial Law story
October Halloween specials:
- Costume ideas
- Octoberfest/beer guide
- Esquire ball
- Preview It List
November - All Saint's Day specials
- 50 Planners for 2014
- Spot.ph Annual Bazaar Guide
- Christmas gift guides
December Year-end specials:
- Best of Manila 2013
- Dubious Achievements
- Food Round-up


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