Cosmopolitan is the life stylist for millions of fun, fearless females who want to be the best they can be in every area of their lives. But to its readers, Cosmo is much more than their favorite magazine. It's a way of life—now just a click away. Just like the magazine, Cosmo.ph inspires with advice on sex, relationships and career, the best in fashion and beauty, and the latest on the world of celebrities and hunks!
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Your daily dose of Cosmo girl #feels, career and money advice, and travel tips for local and international destinations.


All the fashion trends you need to know ( before all the cool girls wear ‘em.)


Your go-to source of tamad girl beauty hacks for days when the Cosmo girl just can’t even.


Health news, workouts, and diets so you, too, can get your Best Body EVER.


Month Content Specials Branded Content Opportunities
January - Salon Specials
- Best Hairstyles
Hair Product Galleries
February - Dating & Mating
- Single Girl's Guide
- Branded Love Quizzes
- Single Girl's Guide
- Top 10 Love & Lust Roundups (Relationships, Dating, Matress Move)
- Celeb Interviews on dating tips
- Relationship Advice
March - Sizzlin' Hot Summer
- Fashion & Beauty Guide
- Summer Fashion/Beauty Product Galleries
- Summer Beauty Guide (Summer Skin Smarts)
- Bikini Product Galleries
- Celeb Interviews on Best Summer Getaways
- Skin Care Tips
- Fave Bikinis
April Getaway Guide: Travel Special - Going Out/Travel Guide
- Top 10 Best Vacation Spots
- Celeb Interviews on Best Travel
- Destinations
- Travel Tips
May - 16th Anniversary Special
- Summer/Pinay Pride
- Fun Fearless Female Awards
- Behind-the-Scenes at the Fun, Fearless Female Awardee's shoots
- Beach Style Paparazzi
- Top 10 Pinay Roundups (femmetrepreneurs, artistas, advocates, etc.)
June - Back-to-School
- Cosmo Bride
- Rainy Day Outfit Galleries
- Celeb Interviews on Make-up/Fashion Tips for College Students
- Top 10 Barkada Hangouts
- Online Hunk College Campus Feature
July Cosmo Campus & Career - College Guide
- Office Wear Galleries
- You, Only Better Articles on Career Tips, Getting Ahead and Staying Motivated
- Fashion 101 Tips on Dressing for your Size
August Beauty - Beauty How-To Galleries and Videos
- Beauty Product Galleries
- Celeb Interviews on Beauty Tips and Bouncing Back
September Cosmo Bachelors: Men, Men, Men - Cosmo Bachelor Bash Coverage/Sponsorship
- Cosmo.ph 4th Anniversary
- Top 10 Roundups for the Past Year (Buzz List, What's in my Bag, Male Celebrity Spotlight, Cosmo Online Hunks, etc.)
- Behind-the-Scenes at the Bachelor Bash/Centerfold shoots
- Male Celebrity Interviews
October Cash Month - Celeb Interviews on Best Investments, Best Deals
- Best Budget Vacation Deals
November - Fashion
- Gift Guide
- Gift Guide Galleries
- Lifestyle Special: Must-Have Gadgets and Gift Guide
- Celeb Interviews: Fave Gadgets
- Gadget Buying Tips
- Gift Buying Advice
- BTS of 8 Sexiest Models/Interviews
December - Celebs Special
- Fashion & Beauty for the Holidays
- Fashion & Beauty for the Holidays
- Celeb Interviews on where They're Spending the Holidays
- Best Holiday Tradition
- Fashion Tips
- Money Tips on Holiday Spending under You, Only Better


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