29.4 million

Internet Users

in the Philippines.

Summit Digital's website reached almost four million unique users and close to 70 million page views in September 2014.

Knowing how to start with a right plan for your strategy is essential in most campaigns. The plan needs to have the 3 pillars at its front: it needs to be visible, in the right place, and engaging enough for your customers to interact. We will begin this step with you.
Bigger ideas, bigger concepts. We need to be bigger where it counts and choosing how we work is at the top of our unique qualities. We work with a belief that all angles need to be explored and finding ways on that will work for your campaign.
Equipped with the right plan, combined with a concrete and viable strategy, we now look under the hood, develop the tools that you need to get the motor running for a nice and steady cruise towards reaching your objective.

Over the years, we have embarked on other avenues that allow us to further strengthen our bond with our readers. Besides magazines, we now connect with audiences through digital means via websites and social media.

What this means for you, the advertiser, is more than just media exposure. With our command of content, our knowledge of the audience, and our mastery of communication platforms, we help you reach your market the best way we know how: by becoming a real, practical presence in people's lives.


Summit Media is the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines with more than 20 titles under its umbrella. Aside from magazines, we are in digital media, outside-of-home media, mobile marketing services, book publishing, and consumer events.


We offer a wide variety of ad products you can choose from. Whether it is a massive display media ad campaign or a campaign which needs to utitlize a more customized or native approach, we have the solution for you.


We share the same vision with you—to ensure that we focus our efforts in delivering a targeted and consistent message to all our readers. Let us share our expertise of knowing where to drive and how to create content that can impact people's lives.